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Below are some of the books that have inspired this podcast and that I recommend reading - If you have any other suggestion then please email them to or send via the Contact Button 


Tom Holland is a British Historian and in this book you'll get vivid, popular history and a roller-coaster ride through 2000years of Christianity and not only how it has shaped the modern world, but also according to Holland the Western Mind.  That is worth mulling over for a minute, how something as subversive and disruptive to the ancient and pagan world could come to, in the author's words, saturate the mindest of Latin Christendom.  A real anecdote to a strange secular amnesia 

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One of the most important theological books of the last century, the French Dominican traces the failures and successes of reforming the church over two millennia. Much to teach us about institutional renewal at all levels,  A book that inspired Vatican II and one read cover to cover by the current Pope, This edition is an English translation and the Second Edition in which Congar omitted a whole section on the Reformation and Protestantism which Congar semed to regret in a new ecumenical climat 

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