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Feb 22 Philippine People Power

Today we remember a peaceful revolution in the Philippines which saw the end of Ferdinand Marcos 20 year rule and the key role Christian leaders played in this, ensuring it remained peaceful. Millions gathered in the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) in Manila, EDSA, called there by Cardinal Jaime Sin, the Archbishop of Manila. Marcos had declared martial law in the Philippines 14 years earlier, with full control of the Philippines' military and the authority to suppress and abolish the freedom of speech.

At a time before social media, the church run Radio Veritas played a critical role during the mass uprising. Corazon Aquino (the wife of assassinated Nino Aquino) was inaugurated as President of the Philippines with the success of the People Power Revolution inspiring a call for a change of government through peaceful protests rather than bloodshed in East Germany and many other former Soviet Bloc countries.


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